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What Can a Will do for Me?

A last will and testament is a time-honored estate planning tool. In a last will and testament, you can do things like choose a legal guardian for minors, and make specific gifts to loved ones. You can also choose to designate a sum of money to cover funeral costs or make gifts to charity.

Do you have a spouse? You can both set up wills with “rights to survivorship,” meaning that the estate passes to the surviving partner upon the first partner’s death. After the death of the second the estate then can pass to surviving loved ones.

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What your beneficiaries can expect:

In order for your will to be considered legally binding, it must go through probate court. This may or may not require a court appearance, depending on the size of the estate. 

In your last will and testament, you can nominate a personal representative to carry your wishes out. This is generally a spouse or a close family member, but can be a friend, should you choose. Once the court concludes that the will was properly executed, they will provide your personal representative with documents authorizing them to act on your behalf. 

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Our Process:

Do you want to set up a last will and testament? We can make it easy for you! Let us help you plan for your future, both for yourself and your loved ones. We will create your Last Will and Testament, according to your specifications, and provide you with the tools that you need to manage personal property assignments going forward. Our package also includes an advance healthcare directive in which you can make healthcare decisions in advance, should you become incapacitated. We will provide you with asset spreadsheets to help you manage your estate, and assist you in designating a durable power of attorney. 

What We Offer:


  • Last Will and Testament
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Mental Health Power of Attorney
  • Living Will 
  • HIPAA Waiver
  • Durable/Financial Power of Attorney
  • Memorandum of Personal Property
  • Transfer on Death Deed + recording
  • Digital Assets Spreadsheet
  • Memorial Instructions
  • Digital Assets Spreadsheet
  • Asset Spreadsheet (Excel file)
  • Flash drive with PDF copies of your documents
  • AZ Directive Registry
  • Additional Deeds
  • Guardianship Package

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