Standalone Services

Deed Services

Quitclaim Deeds

Do  you need a deed prepared as part of an estate plan, or to transfer property to someone? We can draw up the deed and file it for you, if desired. 

Transfer on Death Deeds

Also known as beneficiary designations, T.O.D. deeds are valuable estate planning tools that allow you to pass property on to a specific beneficiary, after your death, while avoiding the probate process. 

Affidavit Services

Do you need to remove a deceased party from the deed to a property with rights to survivorship? We can draft and file the necessary documentation for you. 

Powers of Attorney

Medical POAs

Similar to Durable Financial POAs, Medical POAs allow trusted individuals to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event of your
incapacitation. On these documents you are able to pre-select treatments that you do and do not consent to. 

Mental Health POAs

Mental Health POAs allow you to give a trusted individual power to make mental health care decisions on your behalf should the need arise. These are similar to Medical POAs, but specific to mental health concerns.

Durable Financial POAs

Power of attorney documents are great estate planning tools that allow you to appoint a trusted individual to conduct business on your behalf should you be unable to represent yourself. 

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