take the road test!

Drivers over the age of 18 who have successfully passed the written test and underage drivers who have held their instruction permit for at least 6 months are eligible to take the road test! 

Quick Stop Government Services offers driving tests at both our Sun City and Lake Havasu locations! 

The Arizona Motor Vehicle division modified the Road test by getting rid of the Parallel park and 3 point turn. You will now be required to back up along the side of a curb while trying not to hit the curb.

Tests are offered: Monday – Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Price of Road Test – $80

What to Expect:

An examiner will ride with you in your vehicle and give you directions to follow. You will be graded according to ADOT’s criteria (as described in the Driver License Manual) and on your general ability to operate the vehicle safely.

Before you take the Road Test:

1. Your vehicle must be in good working condition (turn signals, brake lights, seatbelts, etc.). For more detailed information, please reference this information from ADOT.

2. You must have proof of current registration, plates (valid year tabs) and insurance. (30-Day General Use Permits, 90-Day Resident Registrations, or Temporary Registration Permits (TRP) are sufficient evidence of current registration).

3. You must be able to demonstrate that you understand the meaning of Arizona’s traffic signs. You will also have to demonstrate that you can understand English-language instructions, including these:

  • Stop

  • Slow down

  • Drive straight ahead

  • Change lanes left/right

  • Turn left/right at next street, corner, stop sign, traffic light

  • Fasten seat belt

  • Turn on your left/right turn signal

  • Honk the horn

Passed the Road and Written Tests?

Congratulations! If you are over 18 you are now eligible for a Class D driver license! Click here for more information about the Travel ID!

Under 18?

You are eligible for a Graduated (Class G) driver license!

Graduated driver’s licenses function much like a regular (Class D) driver’s license, with some additional restrictions. Click here for more information from ADOT!