Legal Document Preparation Services

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Estate Planning

Living Trust Services

In Arizona, when an individual dies with an estate worth over $75,000 that estate must go through probate. Probate proceedings can be stressful, time consuming, and costly. Our package contains everything that you would need to set up a living trust that outlines how you want your assets distributed, without the need for court involvement. We would love you come alongside of you as you take this important step for your family’s future. Get in touch with us today!

Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament Services

Wills are a time honored estate planning tool for people who do not want to transfer their assets into a living trust. Decide now how you want your estate distributed, so that your loved ones don’t have to. Our package also includes end of life planning and power of attorney services. What are you waiting for? Drop by one of our offices and get your estate plan started!

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Estate Planning


Do you have a plan in place in case you are incapacitated for any reason? These things are important to consider, regardless of your age or walk in life. Our package includes a Healthcare POA, a Living Will, and wealth of accompanying documents to ensure that you have every opportunity to make your wishes clear. Choose peace of mind, and make a plan for yourself today!

Probate Services

Have you lost a loved one? Do you need help closing out their estate? We can help! We can facilitate both small estate proceedings and informal probate cases. For a flat fee, our agents will complete all of the required paperwork, publishing and filing on your behalf. Probate can be time consuming and challenging. Save yourself the time and energy by working with us!

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Coming Soon!

NFA Gun Trusts

Name Change Services


LLC Formation


Quitclaim and T.O.D. Deeds

Pricing: $150 per deed + $50 optional filing service

Do  you need a deed prepared as part of an estate plan, or to transfer property to someone? We can draw up the deed and file it for you, if desired. 

Birth Certificate Services

Pricing: Coming Soon!

Have you lost your birth certificate? We can order one on your behalf. Do you need to correct data on your birth certificate? We can help you gather the necessary documents and fill out the paperwork for you.

Durable Financial POAs

Pricing: $100

Power of attorney documents are great estate planning tools that allow you to appoint a trusted individual to conduct business on your behalf should you be unable to represent yourself. 

Medical POAs

Pricing: $100

Similar to Durable Financial POAs, Medical POAs allow trusted individuals to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event of your
incapacitation. On these documents you are able to pre-select treatments that you do and do not consent to. 

Mental Health POAs

Pricing: $100

Mental Health POAs allow you to give a trusted individual power to make mental health care decisions on your behalf should the need arise. These are similar to Medical POAs, but specific to mental health concerns.