identification (ID) cards

The Identification Card is available to people of all ages (including infants).

Identification Cards for Children

ADOT recommends that all children have an Arizona ID Card, as it can help protect them against identity theft. Once your child has an ID card be sure to update the photo periodically as the child grows and changes.

Identification Cards for Adults

ID cards can be issued to adults who have never had a driver license, or whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked. ID cards are not subject to vision or driving test requirements. 

ID Document Requirements (Non-Travel)

1. A form of Primary Identification, such as:  

      • Birth Certificate

      • Valid US Passport

      • Permanent Resident Card/Resident Alien Card, I551

      • Please see our Authorized Presence Page for additional documentation options

2. One of the following:

      • A utility bill or statement showing your current address from a business or Government agency 

      • A social security card

3. Possession of or knowledge of your Social Security number 

Get the AZ Travel ID!

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