Game and fish forms

Regulations and Applications

  • Watercraft Registration Application [PDF]
    The Watercraft Registration Application form must be completed for new watercraft registrations and transfers of ownership.

  • Watercraft Bill of Sale [PDF]
    This is written agreement transferring ownership of a watercraft. A properly completed bill of sale will have the following information:

      • The name of the buyer and seller

      • The manufacturer of the watercraft sold, if known

      • The hull identification number, unless exempted by R12-4-505

      • The purchase price and sales tax paid, if any

      • The signature of the seller.

  • Watercraft Letter of Gift [PDF]
    This form is required to transfer a watercraft’s registration upon gifting it to another person.

  • Watercraft Lienholder Notification [PDF]
    This form is required when the watercraft to be registered has a lien on it, such as a bank loan. The lien holder will and must be notified of the attempted watercraft registration.

  • Watercraft Certification of Loss [PDF]
    This form is required to report and request replacements for lost or damaged registrations or decals issued in AZ. It can also be used for Hull Identification Numbers.