Lost your title?

You have options!

When an Arizona Title is lost, stolen, mutilated or becomes illegible, the owner of the record may apply for a duplicate title, either online, through the state, or via an authorized third party (like us!). The duplicate title overwrites the previous title making it no longer valid.

Any mutilated or illegible titles must be surrendered at the time of application, when available.

On a duplicate title, the owner’s name, legal status, lienholder and vehicle information must remain the same. Only the address and/or vehicle location address may be changed.

As of the year 2020, duplicate titles are printed by the state and mailed directly to the customer. They are no longer given out over the counter. Ordering one is a simple process, simply stop by one of our offices! There are no additional paperwork requirements, so long as:

  • The person ordering the title is the legal owner of the vehicle
  • There are no liens present on the vehicle’s record

Have a buyer? Need a same-day option?

Arizona titles can now be transferred electronically via a title transfer bill of sale! This is a form that is designed to stand in for an actual title. It is only valid within the State of Arizona, and can only be used to transfer titles held in Arizona. When properly filled out, this form will indicate who currently owns the vehicle in question, whether or not it has any liens or brands on it, and what the current mileage is.

Title transfer bills of sale must contain the owner’s signature in order to be valid. If the vehicle has multiple owners, ownership status rules will apply. Additionally, any alterations, such as white-out, or scratch outs will invalidate the form.

Quick Stop can draft your title transfer bill of sale for you!

Stop by one of our offices, and our agents will create a form for you that is accurately filled out. Or, come in with your buyer, and we can conduct your transfer electronically.