3 day permits

A Restricted Use 3 Day Permit (also known as a single trip permit) allows a person to operate an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle with a suspended registration from the present location of the vehicle to a specified destination.

The Restricted Use 3-Day Permit is valid for the following purposes only:

  • Emissions Testing

  • Vehicle Inspection

  • Application for Title and/or Registration

  • Vehicle repairs in compliance with Emissions or Inspection Requirements

The Restricted Use 3-Day Permit is valid only for these stated purposes. Travel for any other purpose, including commercial interstate movement, is strictly prohibited.

Customer Advisory: Misuse of this permit is a violation of Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 28, Chapter 7, Article 16, subjecting the violator to civil and/or criminal penalties.

What do I need to have in order to obtain a Restricted Use 3-Day Permit?

  • Information about the vehicle (VIN#, make & year)

Please Note:

  • Mandatory vehicle insurance requirements for the State of Arizona still apply.

  • No more than three Restricted Use 3-Day Permits will be issued to any vehicle in a 12-month period.

How do I display the Restricted Use 3-Day Permit?

The Restricted Use 3-Day Permit must be displayed horizontally in the lower right corner of the rear window so that it is clearly visible from outside the vehicle.

What do I carry in the vehicle for proof of registration?

Your Restricted Use 3-Day Permit comes with an attached registration slip. The PVC paper is perforated, making it easy to remove. Take care, however, that you do not tear your permit! The registration must be carried in the vehicle until it reaches its expiration date.

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